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A proudly Tanzanian company driving development in East Africa

About Sincro Sitewatch

Sincro are pioneers in promoting the use of renewable energy & solar power systems for application in both domestic and industrial applications in East Africa. Working in conjunction with the World Bank, Sincro co-founded and completed a comprehensive market survey to discover the need and capacity to pay for renewable energy in rural communities in mainland Tanzania. The survey was conducted as part of the drive to provide the benefits of low-cost clean energy to rural consumers and businesses that are not served by a national grid connection.

Sincro are originators of the A / B /C [Anchor / Business / Consumer] concept whereby our market presence maintaining industrial assets in rural areas is harnessed to enhance access to the benefits of electricity to nearby communities. In conjunction with our Uganda based sister company Africa Power Ltd, Sincro can provide renewable energy solutions for a wide range of clients including banks, industrial manufacturers and mobile network operators.

Videos about Sincro Sitewatch

Mark Foley, CEO of Sincro Sitewatch Ltd sets out his vision for the development of power provision for the Telecoms industry, moving forward.

A short film showing the work of Sinro Sitewatch in rural Tanzania.