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The Future


Five Year Plan – Years 10 – 15 / 2018 – 2023

  • To continue to lead our market sector in quality approaches, health and safety practices and corporate ethics.
  • To further enhance the skills and capacities of our workforce through training and empowerment.
  • To implement and enhance national capacity – building initiatives.
  • To broaden our client base and range of target industries
  • To become a key player in Infrastructure development projects
  • To supply engineering, equipment and support services to the Oil and Gas industry
  • To become a major contractor in the development of the nation’s electrical infrastructure development
  • To provide niche engineering services, equipment, maintenance services and expertise to the East African Crude Oil Pipeline project.
  • To build on our ISO 9001 qualification by providing further enhanced approaches to the Sincro Quality Operating Systems Manual
  • To become a major development partner in the Bagamoyo Port Project
  • To build on our history of corporate responsibility and enhance national development by becoming a major employer / tax payer.
  • To expand the managed services division by providing Sincro’s enhanced approaches to a broader range of industries.
  • To expand the 3 subdivisions of the company that specialise in: Electrical and Power / Mechanical and Power / Civil and Structural works.
  • To lead and implement solar and renewable energy projects.
  • To continue to build synergies with major international blue chip partner companies

Videos about Sincro Sitewatch

Mark Foley, CEO of Sincro Sitewatch Ltd sets out his vision for the development of power provision for the Telecoms industry, moving forward.

A short film showing the work of Sinro Sitewatch in rural Tanzania.