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Sincro Managed Services Division

Sincro have extensive experience in managing, protecting and maintaining high value assets located in a vast range of environments. This experience has led us to develop and refine a wide platform of cogent strategies to ensure that our client’s assets are secure, properly maintained and fully operational. Sincro understand the challenges imposed by the need to manage human resources in difficult and high – risk environments. Our personnel are properly supported to enable them to operate safely, efficiently and in accordance with strict service level agreements. The challenges imposed by delivering generator fuel and high value spare parts has led us to develop bespoke, in – house operational and HR management and monitoring techniques thereby ensuring that invisible losses are minimized. In conjunction with our software development partners Sincro operate a state – of – the – art asset tracking system that provides visibility of procured items from the point of purchase, through deployment until end of use and disposal. This system is able to maximize our client’s profitability by delivering dramatic improvements in staff performance and reduction in losses to the bottom line caused by over stocking and fraudulent activities.