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Sincro Civil

& Structural Division

Sincro Civil & Structural Division

Sincro’s civil engineering provenance is derived from participation in the rapid expansion of the cellular telephone networks over the last 20 years. This division comprises a highly qualified, dedicated team whose capability is borne of vast experience in handling the challenges created by operating in remote and difficult environments. The civil engineering crews are supported by an experienced project management team and a nationwide spread of depots equipped to provide support in materials and logistics. Sincro is an established provider of expertise and manpower ready to meet the demands of the nation’s infrastructure development projects.
The Sincro team will complete high specification work to the highest standard and within the time frames demanded. The civil and structural division is a key element of the Sincro policy to be a well-chosen partner. Sincro are a conduit for training and inwards skills – transfer in coherence with the regional drive for capacity building.

Services Include

  • Supply and construction of metal structures, tower strengthening, tower assembly and erection.
  • Civil work, building construction and repairs.
  • Construction of telecoms infrastructure. Road construction and repairs.
  • Construction of water and waste water distribution systems, pipe work, trenching, storage tanks, dams and wells.