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Sincro Telecoms

& ICT Division

Sincro Telecoms and ICT Division

The Sincro name is synonymous with the growth in the region’s telecoms infrastructure and as a leading provider of maintenance support and managed services to a wide range of industries.

The Sincro Quality Operating System ensures class leading performance in all services provided and is a key element of our policy to always exceed contractual requirements in the drive to sustain 100 % equipment uptime.

Sincro manufactured the world’s first diesel generator designed specifically for African BTS sites and have continued to innovate with the introduction of state of the art asset monitoring equipment, LPG and alternative energy power systems.

Sincro are the trusted partner for management of critical sites including data centers and B2B centers for a range of clients including banks, industrial manufacturers and mobile network operators.

Services Include

  • Installation of data centre power and network infrastructure.
  • Maintenance of active and passive equipment, corrective and preventative.
    Installation, repairs and maintenance of fibre optic cable.
  • Configuration and maintenance of AC & DC power, power back up and UPS systems.
  • Asset management and tracking.
  • Maintenance and installation of Air Conditioning systems.
  • Site security management.
  • Power auditing.