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Sincro Electrical

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Sincro Electrical & Power Division

Sincro have a long history of providing reliable power to a broad range of industries. Our experience is rooted in having been an Original Equipment Manufacturer of power generation products in the UK which means that we have a deep understanding of the optimal choice of power source available globally. Sincro believe in forming partnerships with the world’s best OEM’s so that we can supply, support and maintain the optimum power installation for any given application. Our dedicated team of experienced, professional electrical engineers are accustomed to completing work to the highest industry standards of quality and safety.

Our history of working in critical environments such as the telecoms and mining sectors where the only acceptable quality standard is N+1 means that Sincro electrical can be your trusted partner who will finish the work to the strictest specification and in accordance with the time frames mandated.

Services Include

  • Power distribution and network installations.
  • Turnkey power generation installations
  • Rural electrification schemes, mini-grids, power distribution lines and installations.
  • Switchgear and electrical installations.
  • Buildings electrical installations and repair works, commercial and domestic.
  • Industrial power installation and repair works.
  • Professional services, power auditing, testing, analysis and reporting.
  • Configuration and installation of back-up power systems, UPS systems, inverters and power banks, commissioning of completed electrical works.